Remembering Why (Winter X Games)

This may come as a surprise to many but when ESPN decided to have the first ever Winter X Games they came right here to Snow Summit! The inaugural Winter X Games were held in 1997. It was televised to 198 countries and 38,000 spectators attended the four day event. Winter X  has changed locations but it is still all about growing the industry and the wonderful sports involved in it. Skiing and snowboarding may be classified as action sports now that the X Games have made competitions out of them, but the simplicity remains. By simplicity we mean the fun times anyone can have by heading to the slopes. Lets face it 99% of us are no Shaun White! The nice thing about the sport is that you don’t have to be in the X Games to enjoy it! People pick up skiing and snowboarding as something to do during the winter, then they fall in love. Something about gliding over the white mountains with friends and family captures us all! It puts a smile on our faces and makes us want to go again and again! That is why we encourage everybody to turn on the Winter X Games. Turn them on and remember how much fun it is to have the wind racing past your face as you fly down the mountain; to experience nature and taking a deep breath of fresh mountain air! Remember the wild adventures and funny stories on the slopes! Then remember it’s all because of an amazing thing we call skiing and snowboarding.

1st Winter X Games at Snow Summit 1997

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