The Results are In!

The Analog Go Huck Yourself contest last night was a success! Great job to all those who entered and congrats to the winners!

Boys 15& under snowboard: 1st place: Kevin Ross, 2nd place: Logan Carmody, 3rd place: Ryan Bell

Men16 & older snowboard: 1st place: Bob Abrams, 2nd place: Buzz Holbrook, 3rd place:Ryan Stephens, 4th place: Jaromie Nolan, 5th place: Ryan Ross

Skiers: 1st place: Tucker Keating, 2nd place: Tanner Rogers, 3rd place: Matthew Keller

Girls: 1st place: Ivika Jurgenson, 2nd place: Hannah Keller

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  1. Theresa Hoy says:

    So Very Proud of My Grandson Kevin Ross for Getting first Pace. Love You Kev.

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