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Hero Dirt For the Last Week of Midweek Riding! - 11:00am, 9/10/2014News

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We’re not even close to the end of our mountain biking season as we intend to stay open Fridays through Sundays until the snowy weather comes, but this week does mark the end of midweek riding here at our resort!

Way to go out with a bang! All the weather we received over this past weekend has our trails in prime condition with Hero Dirt and Brow Pow galore! Some riders were lucky enough to hit the trails during this past weekend for some amazing mud runs as the torrentialPedal Press Mountain Biking Photo downpour made for absolutely epic shredding conditions! Were you lucky enough to be among them? If not, don’t worry… there is still plenty of tacky dirt just waiting for your tire tread!

Join us this week for your last chance to ditch work and avoid the weekend crowds with some prime midweek riding! During our changing schedule throughout the fall be sure to keep up with our Activities Report for all the changing hours of operations.