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Sun and Fun - 10:32am, 7/28/2014

Guided Eco-Tour (23 of 41)You’ve been hearing about all the fun that people have been having in Big Bear but, where is all the activities? If you haven’t been on our Summer website, you might be missing out on all the fun you could be having! Go play a round of golf at 7,000 feet! Soar to the top of Snow Summit on the Scenic Skychair! Fly down the hill on one of our bikes in the Downhill Bike Park! Hike our beautiful trails and drink in that characteristic Big Bear beauty! At Snow Summit there’s something to do for every member of your family! To stay updated with the latest promotions, deals, weather information, and road conditions “like” our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Instagram!




Gearing Up for Winter! - 4:51pm, 7/24/2014

03-05-14 SS Wood Sign-Boarder Pose FB Cover

Although it’s hot and we’re finding it hard to believe that in only a few months we’ll be needing to wear jackets while we shovel our driveways, we can see the impending winter coming our way!  Just today we stumbled upon a delightful little hashtag “#prayforelnino”, which brought smiles to our faces and also made us quickly cross our fingers!  Yes please!

That being said, we are already planning for the upcoming winter season and as usual it will all start off with the 11th Annual Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails (HDHR)  at our sister resort Bear Mountain! The date is set for Saturday, September 27th and as usual the event will feature some great riders, some of the biggest names in the ski and snowboard industry as our vendors and discounted season passes!

HDHR Vendor Banner

Summer Activities - 10:25am, 7/13/2014

Guided Eco-Tour (3 of 41)

Have you seen our Snow Summit Summer website? If not, you may be missing out on all the summer activities we have to offer! Soar to the top of Snow Summit on our Scenic Skychair! Blast down our Bike Park on one of our finely tuned rental bikes! Get away and golf on our 9-hole course! Whatever you decide to do, Snow Summit has got it covered. Also be sure to give our Facebook page a “like” to stay up-to-date on the latest summer activities!

Relive the Winter! - 11:14am, 7/6/2014

While Snow Summit have lots to offer in the summer months, we all start to long for winter to come around once again. The cold air rushing by, the soft swishing sound of snow underfoot, and the white capped pines all come to mind. Who doesn’t miss carving through the fresh groomers on a cool morning, or drinking a hot cup of cocoa at the Mountain Haus? Quell your yearning with this video from January and remember the good times had!

4 Seasons of Fun! - 3:35pm, 6/27/2014

Hikers at Snow Summit

Searching for something to do with the family this summer? Come on up to Snow Summit!

Try our Scenic Sky Chair! Our ski lifts will take you on a 15 minute trip  through the San Bernardino National Forest, where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Big Bear Valley and the hundreds of wildflowers that grow on our slopes. Deer, hawks, and songbirds have all been spotted among the trees, look closely and you might see one too! When you arrive at the top you can take the gentle Mountain Top Trail loop that offers an easy hike with more of those beautiful vistas or, if you’re feeling bit more adventurous try The Log Chute Trail on the east side of the resort.Perhaps you simply wish to relax in the shade and enjoy the scenery. Check out the View Haus and it’s diverse menu. Sit on the porch and enjoy a glass of wine while songbirds fly past and the wind rushes through the trees. Don’t forget about our Bike Park, an exciting experience for the adrenaline-junky in your life!