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Spring Skiing and Riding Strategy - 4:27pm, 3/18/2015

There is a reason Spring skiing and riding holds such a mystique among our guests both young and old. Warm, sunny days and the chance to pull out some vintage ski wear and costumes (we have seen teletubbies, pokemon, cows and kangaroos just to name a few) add an extra air of fun and things take on a very social atmosphere. Afternoons on the deck with a beverage or two become the standard closer to a day of good times.


When it comes to snow, Spring can be epic but it requires some attention to your equipment to get the most from the slopes. It is very important to have the “right wax” and texture on your board or skis. Wax is pretty simple- it helps the ski/board glide, in the Spring you glide on a film of water. The texture is very important because it guides the drops and film of water out from under your board avoiding suction being created. Remember, it is a combination of both wax and texture- one without the other is ineffective and will create a sticky ride. Our Performance Demo Center can wax and texture your board in no time. Stop in to see Kory and the boys- you will be amazed at the difference in your glide.

Major Update… - 7:22am, 3/18/2015


If you missed the blog yesterday we have a major update for you. We have had a lot of folks with useless passes from other resorts taking advantage of our March Madness Special.  We want to assure them we will be skiing and riding through at least April 5th and hopefully further into Spring. Snow Summit will operate from 9 am to 3 pm daily through March 29th (Saturday the 21st lifts will run through 4 pm). Bear Mountain will operate daily from 9 am to 3 pm through April 5th at which time we will re-asses and announce further days and hours. Saturday March 21st lifts will operate through 4 pm. If you would like to join these folks for Spring skiing and riding for only $99 with that $99 applied toward next season’s pass, get up to the mountains and head to any open ticket window. Before you know it you will be enjoying the slopes of your new resort.

Mountain Bikers- we haven’t forgotten you! We are pleased to announce the Snow Summit Mountain Bike Park will open for the 2015 Season on May 8th. We will operate weekends (Fri, Sat & Sun) through June 19th when we we begin daily operation. We’ll see you soon!


March Madness, Spring Skiing and Riding Through At Least April 5th and MTB Season Opens Friday, May 8th… - 2:24pm, 3/19/2015


We have another weekend coming up and that means another BIG event at our resorts. This week it’s the Neff Beach Bash in The Scene at Bear Mountain. The Bear Park Staff is currently building another amazing contest venue in The Scene that will feature hits, jibs, pond skimming and features you have never and may never see again. How can we do this when other Southern California resorts have closed or are just hanging on to a trail or two? We make snow: a lot of snow. Last month we had a great window of snowmaking and completely resurfaced the resorts and brought them back up to speed in a night or two. We could have stopped there saving time and money. We did not, we fired the system up to maximum capacity and made snow in massive amounts: for days. That is why we are more than just open. That is why we are hosting concerts and contests and inviting folks with useless passes to other resorts to come take a look at us. In fact we are doing more than just inviting them to come spend a day of Spring skiing and riding with us: we’re asking them to join our Resort Family with a great offer. Our March Madness Special gets you unlimited Spring skiing and riding for the rest of the season at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit for $99. In addition we will credit that $99 toward the purchase of your Season Pass for 2015/2016. Take that $99 credit and apply it toward the purchase of your Cali4nia Pass for next season. The Cali4nia Pass is our premier pass featuring unlimited skiing and riding at Mammoth MountainBear Mountain, Snow Summit and June Mountain. It goes on sale March 23rd at the lowest rate available-$689. If you purchase your Cali4nia Pass early you will receive $100 in resort credit which may be used for all resort purchases. So… If you back out your March Madness $99 credit and take into account yourCali4nia Pass comes with $100 in resort credit, your actual cost for unlimited skiing and riding at our four resorts next season is $490! That’s a deal.

That begs the question, how long will the season last? That’s a tough question. We can tell you that we will operate Snow Summit daily through March 29th from 9 am to 3 pm. We will operate Bear Mountain daily at least through April 5th and then continue as long as possible. Bear will also operate from 9 am to 3 pm daily. We have tons of snow and hope to go well beyond the 5th. We will be closing Snow Summit to prepare for our Mountain Bike Season which we are happy to announce will open Friday, May 8th. There is a lot of skiing and riding left, great deals out there and you should be headed for the mountains.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! - 2:26pm, 3/19/2015


The Irish are known for being lucky. You don’t need luck at our resorts when it comes to Spring skiing and riding. Other Southern California resorts who were counting on luck and Mother Nature to get them through the season have lucked out. We love it when luck works out, but we don’t count on it. That’s why last month we ran our snowmaking system at its maximum capacity whenever possible when it would have been much easier and cost effective to run at lower levels. We make snow. We stockpile snow. We don’t count on luck. That’s why we are open. That’s why we are able to offer you Spring skiing and riding for the remainder of the season for $99. We call it our March Madness Special. In addition we will credit that $99 toward the purchase of a 2015/2016 Season Pass which will go on sale March 23rd.

You may decide to take that $99 March Madness credit and apply it toward the purchase of your Cali4nia Pass for next season. The Cali4nia Pass is our premier pass featuring unlimited skiing and riding at Mammoth Mountain, Bear Mountain, Snow Summit and June Mountain. It goes on sale March 23rd at the lowest rate available-$689. If you purchase your Cali4nia Pass early you will also receive $100 in resort credit which may be used for all resort purchases. So… If you back out your March Madness $99 credit and take into account your Cali4nia Pass comes with $100 in resort credit, your actual cost for unlimited skiing and riding at our four resorts next season is $490. You can’t beat that. You could call it luck, but it’s luck anyone can grab!

March Madness Monday - 2:09pm, 3/16/2015

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The Tournament officially starts tomorrow, we kicked things off a little early with our version of March Madness. For the last few days we have seen our family of skiers and riders growing as more and more folks have been turning in their useless passes to other resorts and picking up our March Madness Special. For $99 these wise, new BBMR skiers and riders have unrestricted access to Bear Mountain and Snow Summit for the remainder of the season. In addition the $99 they spent on the Special will be credited toward the purchase of their 15/16 Season Pass: including our top shelf season pass, The Cali4nia Pass. Ski and ride four mountains with no blackout dates: Mammoth Mountain, June Mountain, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. The March Madness Special is only available this week and when we start the Screamin’ Deal Season Pass Sale on the 23rd it will be too late.


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