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Map of Summer Trail Map

Golf Course Layout

golf_layout1. Out of bounds: perimeter fences, white corral fences, left of hole #2 and left of cart path #9.
2. Ditches crossing or lateral to fairways play the same as water hazards.
3. If protective fencing obstructs swing, ball may be moved 2 club lengths not nearer to the hole with no penalty. Rules includes #2, #3 and #5 tee safety fences.
4. Please repair all fairway divots and ball marks on the greens.
5. Rake traps after use.
6. USGA rules govern play except where local rules apply.
7. Yardage markers: white stakes with one red stripe 200 yards, two green stripes 150 yards, one green stripe 100 yards to center of green.
8. Avoid slow play. Please play “Ready Golf.” Invite faster players to play through. Use of cart paths is mandatory where provided. A 90-degree rule applies where applicable.
9. Misuse of carts may terminate play.
10. Keep pull carts off tees and greens.
11. Each player must have golf clubs and bag.
12. Soft spikes only.