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  • Gravity Feed: September 22nd Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Sep 22, 2016
    Gravity Feed Hero 600x500-5

    The big news this week is a little word: rain. Tuesday we saw significant rain across the resort and it rolled over into showers on Wednesday as well. What does this mean to you? Not only is it fall and the weather is perfect, but the trails will go unridden until we open; the hero dirt can be yours on Friday morning.

    Lifts open at 10 am Friday for your riding. We will operate through Sunday afternoon. You can see our full operating hours and lift schedule here. We still have some great deals on Trek mountain bikes from our rental fleet. Most models come with a Bike Park Season Pass for the remainder of the season so you can put your new ride to use. Stop in Slopeside Rentals, during operating hours, to pick out your new bike and hit the trails today.

    Gravity Feed Glamour-4

    There is still a bunch of great riding yet to come this fall, and the Trail Crew has some fun projects to existing features for the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for details and we'll see you on the dirt...
  • Gravity Feed: September 15th Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Sep 16, 2016

    The weather has made a turn this week and we have been enjoying some pretty cool nights as well as noticing the leaves starting to turn. This is a great time of year to be biking in Big Bear.

    Come ride in these great conditions with us this weekend. You'll find the entire park spruced up and in prime riding shape. From Going Green and it's mellow slope from summit to Basecamp, to the jump lines on Party Wave- there's riding for all ability levels in our Bike Park. Come see for yourself.


    Need a bike? Our rental shop can set you up on the perfect size and style ride for your day. If you really enjoy your time, we're selling some of our extensive rental fleet. You can take your bike home and in most cases get a Bike Park Season Pass for the remainder of the season. Ask the guys in the shop for details. Need gear? Big Bear Sports is having a huge sale with up to 30% off select bike and summer items. There's even a rack of winter gear on sale if this cooler weather has you thinking of winter...

  • Gravity Feed: September 8 Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Sep 07, 2016

    While some of the crew was pulled over to Bear to work on the construction of the course for Hot Dawgz & Handrails, the rest of the boys were able to get the big machines back on the dirt and focus on further maintenance in the Park. Berms were rebuilt, jump take-offs reshaped and stutter bumps removed- the Park is buffed.

    While you are ripping a fresh Park, take a moment on Saturday to swing through the Fox tent in Basecamp. You'll be able to demo the latest helmets from Fox and sign up for a Ride Clinic with Fox rider Kirt Vories. The demos will be available from 10am to 3pm.


    The weather is perfect, the trails are prime and you can take a lap with Kirt Voreis- sounds like a weekend to be riding in Big bear. We'll see you on the dirt...
  • Gravity Feed: September 1st Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Aug 31, 2016

    Gravity Feed Hero 600x500_SEPT

    We’d like to take one last opportunity to congratulate the winners and everyone who came out and rode in our first Step-Up Contest last weekend. This was the first time any of us had seen the event held for mountain bikers and it was only fitting that we borrowed motocross star and Red Bull rider Ronnie Renner to come in and judge the event. At the end of the day Austin Warren cleared 14 feet to take the overall title. Leslie Slagle won the women’s division and Tyler Ervin was the youth champion. The event was a big success and will surely be a standard in Summit Series of the future.

    Gravity Feed GlamourSEPT

    This is the final week of mid week operation and like last week the Trail crew has been hitting the trails early in the day before riders hit the trails. Next week they begin a laundry list of repairs and maintenance with the ability to bring machines and tools out on the hill and properly address issues. You can expect the most dialed in conditions of the season as we start a great fall of riding.

    Get yourself a great deal on a Trek mountain bike during our rental fleet sale. Stop in our rental shop for the full details and to pick out the perfect ride for you. They will take a deposit and you can pick it up after Monday. Most models come with a Bike Pass for the remainder of the season so you can put your bike to use right away. We’ll see you on the dirt…

  • Gravity Feed: August 25th Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Aug 24, 2016

    Gravity Feed Hero 600x500-4

    Park maintenance continued this week and you’ll find a fresh Park for your weekend riding. Additionally the crew has been preparing for this Saturday’s Summit Series #2- a Big Air Contest on the Zyzzyx Step-Up Jump. Looking for a bike? We’re having a huge sale on our Trek fleet.

    This has been another week of taking advantage of the mornings and getting some machines out on the trails prior to opening and banging out some major maintenance. You’ll find repacked berms, smoothed out rollers and the groove in prime shape for your weekend riding.

    The other project our Trail crew has been focusing on this week is the prep work for our Big Air Contest on Saturday, the second in our Summit Series. You’ve seen the motocross version of this event that greats like Red Bull’s Ronnie Renner have mastered; we’re doing it on mountain bikes. In addition to reworking the jump our Crew has constructed a set of standards to hold the bar for this high jump of sorts. Like all of our Summit Series events we’ll be awarding a Youth, Men and Women’s champions. Slightly different than most events, we will be running all of the youth division, then all of the women followed by the men. Competitors will get two tries to clear the bar at each height. Those who do not clear the bar will be eliminated. The last one standing, or in this case jumping, is our champion. This is sure to be a fun event, so register day of in Basecamp and be ready to sky at 1pm on the Party Wave Step-Up where the trail crosses Zyzzyx ski trail. Even if you don’t enter, be sure to swing by and check out the fun.

    Gravity Feed Glamour-3

    Looking for a mountain bike? Our Rental Shop is selling off a portion of our extensive Trek rental fleet. You can stop in our shop and pick out the perfect bike for you at a great price, put down a deposit and pick it up after Labor Day. Most models come with a Summit Bike Park Pass good for the remainder of the season. So come get a bike and ride- we’ll see you on the dirt…

  • Bike Sale

    by Rob Ochtera | Aug 22, 2016
    SS BIKE FLEET-1-Edit

    Snow Summit is selling a portion of our extensive rental fleet offering you some of the best deals available on a Trek mountain bike. We are taking payments on bikes now and the bikes will be available for pick up after Labor Day.
    Featured Trek Models:
    2015 Fuel EX & Lush- $699 SOLD OUT
    2016 Fuel EX & Lush- $1,199 JUST ADDED
    2015 Slash 7- $1.100*
    2015 Session 88- $1,500*
    2016 Slash 7- $1,800*
    2016 Session 88- $2,250*
    2015 Superfly 24D Kids Bike- $200
    MTB200B Kids Bike- $60

    *= includes Snow Summit 2016 Bike Park pass valid after Labor Day
    Please pick up during Bike Park Operating Hours- listed here.

  • Gravity Feed: August 18th Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Aug 18, 2016

    Gravity-Feed-Hero-600x500 2

    Now that our Trail Crew has wrapped up all of the major trail building for the season, it has been a week of returning to the core trails of the Park for some maintenance and rebuilding as well as watching Upper Turtle ride in and tweaking it a bit here and there…

    Upper Turtle is already very popular with our Park riders and has had more than it’s share of tires rolling across it this week. Our Trail Crew has posted up in a few key locations to see the approach and line riders are taking through certain sections. This has resulted in a little tweaking; changing up an in-slope here and an out-slope there, mellowing out some rollers and smoothing out a section or two. If you haven’t ridden Turtle from the top yet, get to the Park. It’s a super fun flow trail with 45 berms from the Mountain Top Trailhead back to Basecamp.

    The brunt of our Trail Crew’s attention this week has been on returning to our existing trails and giving them some love and attention. Each day prior to opening, the Crew has had machines out on key features and sections sprucing things up. You’ll find all of our trails fine tuned for your weekend of riding.

    Gravity-Feed-Glamour 2

    This week, among other projects, the Crew will be rebuilding the step-up on Zyzzyx for our Summit Series #2 competition on Saturday, August 27th.  You’ve seen Ronnie Renner throw some amazing air in the moto version of this event. Come on out and show us how high you can jump your mountain bike and take home some great prizes including a 2017 Mammoth/Summit Bike Park Season Pass, GoPros and tons of MTB gear and equipment.  Registration is Saturday morning in the base area and the competition starts on Zyzzyx at 1 pm. Until then, we’ll see you on the dirt…





  • Gravity Feed- August 11th Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Aug 10, 2016

    Gravity Feed Hero 600x500

    Our Trail Crew is very pleased to announce the opening of the new Turtle Trail extension this weekend.  With this extension, Turtle Trail now offers riders an intermediate flow trail from our Mt. Top Trailhead to our Basecamp. The trail will be open for riding this weekend.

    As of Tuesday all of the berms were built; they had been machined out and were ready for handwork. That’s how the boys will finish out this week- hand packing 45 berms total as they hit both the old and new sections. Along with a roller here and there, riders can expect the top of Turtle to resemble the lower section in almost every way. Packed with ripping berms and sections, you’ll find no jumps here. This trail is all about flow. Here- smooth is fast.

    This along with some maintenance in the Park will keep our Trail Crew busy prepping for your weekend of riding. As they look forward toward fall, they have a laundry list of concerns and needs for the Park as it now exists as well as a wish/want list of smaller projects they would like to tackle midweek when we go to weekend riding after Labor Day. These guys never slow down…

    Gravity Feed Glamour

    Just a reminder, this month is Learn To Mountain Bike Month at Summit. Bring that friend or family member you have always wanted to share biking with and sign them up for our Intro To Trail Riding lesson. Upon completion they will not only have some new skills, but they will also be halfway toward earning a Bike Park Season Pass to both Summit and Mammoth for the remainder of the season. Once they complete a second lesson of their choosing, they will be issued their pass and can join you for the rest of the season. So, grab a friend and we’ll see you both on the dirt…

  • Gravity Feed- August 4th Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Aug 04, 2016
    Gravity Feed Hero 600x500-2

    We have had some much-needed rain in the last week, giving us some great riding conditions. It has been a week of Southern California monsoonal flow with clouds popping up by mid day each day and giving us a shower in the afternoon. It looks like this pattern will continue through Friday giving us a prime weekend of riding under the sun.

    The final wooden feature for our Beginner Line in the skill builder park has been installed. It’s a wooden double rainbow roller and we spoke with the trail designer, Ryan, about how to use Small Wonder and the Beginner Line to prepare for Going Green and Lift 1.

    Ryan’s first suggestion is that once comfortable on your bike and properly equipped, new riders should head over to Lift 4 and begin their adventure by riding Small Wonder in it’s entirety. Small Wonder is going to gently expose riders to many of the features they will find in the rest of the Park. You’ll ride berms and pavers, rock gardens and some small rollers to help you acquaint yourself with trail riding. Spend a couple of laps here and get comfortable. Once ready, it’s time to hit the skill builder line.

    To get to the top of the skill builder line, riders will ride the top half of Small Wonder and split at the signs pointing out the skill builder trail. The first feature on the line is a set of dirt rollers- ride right through these rollers and into the first gentle bermed turn.  Exiting the turn ride onto the first wooden feature, a double rainbow camel back. This is a very wide element and it is ok to put your foot down for a moment if you need to. Ryan’s advice is to stay centered and go. Just ride onto and over the rollers without hesitation. A large part of mountain biking is commitment. Commit to the feature and have fun- it’s really only scary the first time.

    Gravity Feed Glamour-2

    Once through the camel back you’ll be feeling like a pro and ready for the rest of the line. For a full breakdown of the bottom half, please see last week’s Gravity Feed. Summer is flying by- make some time for a new sport. Take two MTB lessons during August and earn a MTB Season Pass for Snow Summit and Mammoth for the remainder of the season. Details may be found here.

    For your weekly Turtle Trail update, we are pleased to let you know we have officially moved onto Summit Run off of Ego Trip. This puts us right on schedule to be riding this trail by mid-month. Get ready and we’ll see you on the dirt…

  • Gravity Feed- June 28th Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Jul 27, 2016
    Photo of bike trail with Gravity Feed Logo "Your weekly hub for everything downhill"

    This week we open the new beginner skill builder line below Chair 4 and get an update on how Upper Turtle Trail construction is coming along.

    Going Green is a great addition to our Park and getting a lot of people on the trails and enjoying the forest. Bring that friend or loved one who you have always wanted to share riding with to the Park and help them discover a new passion. Before heading to the Mt. Top trailhead- take a roll through Small Wonder and our new beginner skill builder line.

    As you get off Chair 4 head into the woods for the top portion of Small Wonder. A few turns into Small Wonder you will see a sign pointing out the entrance of the beginner line.  The first section you will ride through has four rollers to get you the feel of a little up and down motion. Exiting the rollers, riders enter the first banked turn of the trail; a gentle berm with an easy exit. Riders will then roll onto our first wooden feature of two, the Camel Back.  Similar to the earlier rollers, this section is made of wood and introduces riders to rolling over man made features. The Camel Back is the only section that will not be in place for this weekend. It will be installed early next week.

    Rolling off the Camel Back, riders will enter a second berm. This berm is still very gentle and just a bit longer than the first. Next up you’ll roll into a short strait away with a scaled down version of our Diving Board from Party Wave, this one with a 3 inch drop onto a down ramp.

    Gravity Feed Glamour

    At this point you’ll be feeling pretty good and ready to roll into our third berm. The third berm is a little steeper and snappier than the first two, but no too much. Exiting the berm you’ll find yourself on a short straight away where you’ll be lining up for our first little jump, a 5 foot table, you can grab a little air on or just roll over. After a quick bit of weightlessness, you’ll ride into the last berm.  Coming out of this snappier berm you will ride onto the new Zig-Zag wooden feature. You’ll ride onto the first section of the Zig-Zag head on and then bank left at about 15 degrees and then back right for the exit, each section about 20 feet long. Then it’s time to hop on Chair 4 and do it again or head over to Chair 1 and Going Green.

    While a team has been finishing off the beginner line, the rest of the Crew is hard at work building Upper Turtle Trail. They are several turns into what, when finished, will be a top-to-bottom flow trail with 45 total berms. Completion is slated for sometime in the middle of this month, leaving plenty of time to ride the trail in before the end of the season.

    It looks like we may have a chance at some showers each day for the next several days, so get ready to head for the dirt. We’ll see you there… 

  • Gravity Feed- June 21st Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Jul 20, 2016


    This week we have the return of a favorite from last season and something new altogether.  This week construction began on the rebuild of the Beginner Line in the Skill Builder Park as well as on the new extension of Turtle Trail from the summit to the existing trailhead.

    Our Crew has returned to our Skill Builder area below Small Wonder that is serviced by Chair 4. Construction is underway on a freshly redesigned Beginner Line that will feature some old favorite elements as well as two new 60-foot, wooden features. The first will be a double roller box that will introduce riders to riding a feature while also adding a bit of up and down to the mix. The second new feature will be a 60- foot Zig-Zag Box. This feature is three sections: riders enter the first leg straight on and then make a right turn at about 15 degrees onto the second section and then a left onto the third as they exit. This will also introduce riders to rolling through our Park's features while at the same time building braking and balancing skills.  A little time spent on Chair 4, Small Wonder and the Beginner Line will prepare riders for the ride on Chair 1 and their first lap on Going Green.


    Work is also well underway on another great addition to our Park: the extension of Turtle Trail.  Turtle Trail, and it’s smooth, wide rolling surface and seamless banked turns, have long been a favorite among our riders. However, to access this amazing Intermediate terrain riders must ride expert trails. The extension of the existing trail up to our Mountain Top Trailhead will offer riders a full top-to-bottom flow trail designed for intermediate level riders.  The goal of the Crew is to replicate the style and feel of the existing trail on the upper terrain and open the trail up for riding in mid-August. As a rider’s confidence builds and their skills develop on Going Green, the new Turtle Trail will be a natural progression in the Park.

    As always, the Crew has been dedicated to maintaining the core Park trails and you’ll find your favorite trails with nice packed out berms and smooth transitions. Summer is flying by, so make some time to come ride. Got a buddy who doesn’t ride? Plant the idea now- August is Learn To Bike Month and a great time to  introduce a friend to a new sport. Until then, we’ll see you on the dirt…



  • Gravity Feed- July 14th Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Jul 13, 2016

    This week our Crew’s focus has been on improving and increasing the Park’s beginner and skill builder terrain. In addition, plans are moving forward
    on our newest intermediate terrain addition the extension of Turtle Trail to our Mtn. Top Trailhead.

    Like last week, our Trail Crew has spent most mornings returning to our newest beginner trail from summit to Basecamp; Going Green. They have been tweaking a corner here and there, smoothing out and watering down the trail to provide a smooth, fun riding surface. Rider feedback has been great, and if you have been anticipating this trail the way we have you need to come ride it. Going Green is a beginner trail from our Mtn. Top Trailhead back to our lifts and Basecamp, winding over 3.5 miles through the San Bernardino National Forest.


    This week also marked the beginning of reconstructing our Beginner Line in our Skillbuilder Park. Our Crew is already several turns into a newly designed Beginner Line that will feature rollers, berms, small jumps and wood features to help new riders build confidence and prepare for the rest of the Park.

    Along with the Skillbuilder Park, another team from our Crew broke off to begin the prep work on yet another new trail addition for this season. We are pleased to announce we will be extending Turtle Trail upwards to our Mtn. Top Trailhead. Upon completion it will be our first top-to-bottom intermediate trail within the Park. This, combined with the Skillbuilder Park, Going Green and our new Adopt-A-Trails, offers riders a completely new experience in our Bike Park. Come check it out.

    As always, the Crew has also lapped through your favorite trails in the Park and freshened things up. The Park is in great shape, open seven days a week, and this is prime time to ride. Come hit the dirt...

    See you soon...

  • Gravity Feed- July 7th Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Jul 07, 2016


    This week we are all about racing with the return of Crafts & Cranks and revisiting our new green trail from the Mt. Top Trailhead after a week of riding. Since last week the crew has been hard at work prepping Miracle Mile for another weekend of racing and taking rider’s feedback on riding Going Green and reworking a couple of sections.

    This Saturday we’ll be racing, tasting craft brews, listening to LIVE bands and riding carnival rides all day during the 2nd Annual Crafts & Cranks. We’ve teamed back up with the Big Bear Lake Brewing Company to bring you a day filled with music from MainMan, Demrick, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds and Project NfidelikAh, tasting California’s top craft brews from over 20 brewers and riding great rides like the Mechanical Bull, The Hurricane and our 40’ Ferris Wheel.

    Saturday we will host a Endurance Race, a Cross-Country Race and a Downhill Race. The Downhill Race will tale place on Miracle Mile and close that trail for most of the day. All other trails in the Park will remain unaffected by the day’s racing. If you’ll be racing in any of the weekend’s events, your registration includes admission to the concert, tasting and carnival.

    Not racing? Pack up the whole family and come enjoy a fun filled day in the cool mountains. General Admission tickets are $25 for adults and include concert admission, 20 tasting tickets and a commemorative tasting glass. Tickets for children from 5-20 years of age are $20 and include concert admission and unlimited access to carnival rides, bounce houses, face painting and other children’s activities.

    If you will be hitting the trails in our Bike Park, taking a ride on our Scenic Sky Chair, climbing on our new Climbing Wall or just flipping out on our new Euro-Bungee- your ticket Saturday includes admission to the concert and venue and you may purchase Tasting Tickets inside.


    In addition to a week of race prep, our Trail Crew has had a chance to watch riders on Going Green and get their feedback on how the trail is riding in. Based on the observations and conversations, our Crew returned to the trail to rework a couple of corners and smooth out a section here and there. The result? You have another fresh trail ready for you to ride this weekend.

    Looking foreword, we are excited to announce we will begin construction on yet another new trail next week. We will be extending Turtle Trail upward to the Mountain Top Trailhead giving us a top to bottom Intermediate trail in the Park. The new Turtle Trail, along with our Adopt-A-Trails, will offer riders who are ready to move on from Small Wonder and Going Green several trails to build their skills on before moving on to Party wave and Westridge.

    So come get above the heat this weekend and enjoy a fun filled time at Crafts & Cranks. Whether you are coming to race, ride or just enjoy the fine music and tasty brews, Big Bear is the spot to be this weekend. We’ll see you on the dirt…


  • Crafts & Cranks Is This Saturday And Fun For The Whole Family

    by Rob Ochtera | Jul 05, 2016


    Join us and The Big Bear Lake Brewing Company this Saturday for the 2nd Annual Crafts & Cranks Concert/Brewfest/Bike Race/Family Carnival. Our entire Basecamp will transform for a day filled with music, tasting California’s top Craft Brews, bike racing and riding The Hurricane, Ferris Wheel and our Mechanical Bull.  We will also have Bounce Houses, Face Painting, Balloon Animals and more to round out the fun.

    When you arrive Saturday you will leave our ticket windows and enter our Exhibitor Space. There you will find California’s top craft breweries sampling their finest brews and leaders from the Mountain Bike Industry, like Trek and Fox, displaying the latest in bike gear and technology. At the top of this space you’ll be looking at our Main Stage where we’ll be rocking out to LIVE music from MainMan, Demrick, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds and Project NfidelikAh all day long.  If you are looking for a bite to eat our Meadow is where you’ll find the Smokehouse Grill. Grab some BBQ and a table in the Meadow and watch your friends give our Mechanical Bull a try. Looking east from the Meadow you won’t be able to miss our Carnival area where you can take unlimited rides on The Hurricane, check out the view from our 40’ Ferris Wheel, bounce in one of our Bounce Houses or just get your face painted and a balloon animal made. This area is also home to our new Climbing Wall and Euro Bungee which you can purchase tickets for separately at our Ticket Windows. It’s a great day for the entire family.

    Sound like fun? You have several ways you may attend. Tickets for Crafts & Cranks are $25 for adults and include concert admission, 20 tasting tickets and a commemorative tasting glass. Tickets for 5-20 year olds are $20 and include concert admission and unlimited carnival rides/activities. Children 4 and younger are free.

    If you are racing in the event, your registration includes admission. If you are planning on riding our Scenic Sky Chair, biking in our Mountain Bike Park, climbing on our wall or flipping on our Euro-Bungee- your ticket for that day includes admission to the concert and carnival. If you would like to purchase Tasting Tickets, they will be available inside. Make your plans today to be at the event of the summer and we’ll see you Saturday.

    Brewers include:

    Big Bear Lake Brewing Company

    New Belgian Brewing Company

    Angel City Brewery

    Ritual Brewing Company

    Mission Brewery

    Absolution Brewing Co.

    Ballast Point

    Karl Strauss Brewing Company

    Bootlegger’s Brewery

    Iron Fist Brewing Company

    Boomtown Brewery

    Garage Brewing Company

    Abita Brewery

    Alosta Brewing Company

    Ace Cider

    Fireman’s Brew

    Telegraph Brewing

    Thatcher’s Cider

    Rip Current Brewing

  • Gravity Feed- June 30th Update

    by Rob Ochtera | Jun 30, 2016

    This week’s Gravity Feed is primarily about you riding new trails. We’re very pleased to be opening Going Green. Grab your bike and come ride this top to bottom beginner trail starting at 8,200' and finishing back in our Basecamp.Then drop into one of or new Adopt-A-Trails this weekend as we present a revamped Fall Line.

    Riders will find a new route from the top of both Chair 1 and Chair 2 to the trailhead shared by Party Wave and Going Green. Going Green then breaks off to the west and offers riders over 4 miles of gentle terrain all the way back to the Lifts in Basecamp. On the way down riders will encounter a handful of skill builder features to help prepare them for riding in the rest of the Park.

    This weekend will also be the first week of riding on the new and improved Fall Line from top to bottom. Fall Line has long been a favorite among Big Bear riders and is one of the trails that is part of our Adopt-A-Trail program with the National Forest Service. We sent a Crew out to work alongside the NFS Crew and have rerouted and resurfaced a large part of the trail giving it a much-needed facelift. Fall Line is rated as an Intermediate trail.

    If you were looking for a progression of trails to ride we would recommend starting with Going Green. From there a natural step up would be to ride the Skyline Trail East. Following Skyline we would steer you toward Pirate’s to Fall Line.

    Lastly, don’t forget our Above The Boom celebration on July 4th.  We’ll be dining, listening to the live music of 60 Grit, playing games, toasting and watching the fireworks- all from 8,200 feet at the top of Snow Summit. Get your tickets today- we are rapidly approaching a sell out.

    As we look forward, we are currently in a scoping period awaiting permits to be issued to rebuild our Skill Builder Par, Pump Track and Pro-Line as well as extend Turtle trail to our Mt. Top Trailhead.  We hope this construction can begin very soon, until then we will be hosting the 2nd Annual Crafts & Cranks Saturday, July 9th. It will be a day filled with racing, beer tasting and live music. Get details and tickets to attend or register for the race today. We’ll see you on the dirt…






  • New Beginner Bike Trail- New Climbing Wall- Above The Boom- What A Weekend To Be In Big Bear

    by Rob Ochtera | Jun 28, 2016

    This weekend there are good times for the entire family in Big Bear. From Fireworks to climbing and biking, this is a great weekend to get above the heat and have fun in the outdoors.

    We'll be biking and hiking all weekend long, including riding our new beginner trail "Going Green". Going Green will take beginner level riders on a gentle ride from our Mountain Top Trailhead all the way back to our Basecamp- over four miles in total. Forgot your bike? No problem- our rental shop has you covered.

    Our new Climbing Wall in Basecamp will also open this weekend. Whether you have never hit the rock or you are just looking to race your buddy to the top, we've got routes for you. When you work up an appetite the Smokehouse Grill is just across Basecamp ready with a great selection of BBQ for you.

    Where will you watch the fireworks this year? We'll be watching the fireworks with dinner, music, games and more at 8,200 feet during our Above The Boom Party. Start the evening off with a Scenic Skychair ride to our Summit where you'll dine, listen to the live music of 60 Grit, take part in games and activities while we wait for the evening's showcase. Enjoy the fireworks from a completely different view with a toast and wrap the evening up with a ride back down on our Skychair. Tickets are approaching sell out, so get yours today.

    All in all, it's a fantastic weekend to head for Big Bear- where you'll find all of this fun and our lake as well. See you soon...

  • Gravity Feed June 23, 2016

    by Rob Ochtera | Jun 23, 2016


    Welcome to the 2016 Summit Bike Park Season. We are off to a fantastic start with a great opener, a solid couple of race weekends and some exciting new things to talk about. 

    After a great winter season, the park has opened in the best riding condition we have seen in the park’s recent history. Thanks to the park being put to bed properly last fall, the opening process this season went much more quickly. This allowed our Trail Crew time to go back and revisit every berm and jump in the park.  You’ll find Miracle Mile in prime downhill condition and the lines on Party Wave and Westridge ready for rolling.

    We are also excited to announce construction is well underway on Going Green, our beginner trail from our Mountain Top Trailhead to Basecamp. Crews started at each end and have met finishing off the major trail construction. Crews are now focused on installing pavers on three lower turns on the trail, the entryway to the trail from Lift 2 and finish work. The trail will be open for riding the Fourth of July weekend. Riders will find it a gradually pitched, gravity fed trail with some skill builder elements scattered throughout. The finished trail will be over four miles long from the top of the Chair back to the bottom winding through the forest, the fire zone from last summer and back into our Basecamp..

    While those crews are powering through the new terrain, we have another crew working alongside the NFS on our Adopt-A-Trails. Fall Line has long been a favorite with Big Bear riders. Maintenance and reconstruction work on sections on the upper part of the trail finished up this week. Upper Fall Line is now open for riding and the crew has moved onto Lower Fall Line, which is closed during construction. While closed, riders will be routed east on 2N10F to 2N10 or Lower Skyline to return to the Park.  Other favorite trails that have been maintained and added to the trail map include The Skyline Trail and Pirates.


    Lastly, we have a crew focusing on some changes in the Park.  One of the sections in the Park riders will find freshened up  this week is Muscle Beach on Party Wave. All four jumps have been rebuilt making the overall section a bit longer. Like many of the features in our Park, this is an evolving work. We will continue to adjust, test, observe and readjust until we feel a section is dialed in. 

    There’s a lot more to talk about, so be sure to check in each week as we roll into summer. In the meantime, be sure to make plans to spend July 9th with us at Crafts & Cranks – our 2nd annual race/brewfest/concert all wrapped into one. We’ll see you on the dirt …


  • Kids Ski Free* and Get 50% Off Lessons**

    by Rob Ochtera | Mar 24, 2016
    SS 3-8-16 FAM EAT-2-Edit-2-2

    Spring has sprung and with it comes Spring Break. Pack up the car and bring those kids up to the mountains where they can ski for free and polish their skills with an Instructor for half price. From now through the end of the season, at least April 10th if not longer, kids ski free with a paying or pass holding adult. On top of that, all of our Children's Ski School programs are available at half price through the end of the season as well- reservations required at least 72 hours in advance. 

    It has been a great season and we can't wait to see you on the slopes this Spring. Have you picked up your 2016/17 Season Pass during our Screaming' Deal Pass Sale yet? These great kid programs apply to your new pass as well- so you can ski and ride this Spring and bring the kids for free all before the 2016/17 season even starts. Click here for details.

    * & ** Kids 12 and under are eligible for these promotions. Limit two kids lift tickets can be picked up per one paid adult lift ticket or one adult Season Passholder. Free kids lift tickets can only be picked up at the ticket window at Snow Summit or Bear Mountain. Lessons must be booked at least three days in advance. 

  • Gather The Troops & Start The Snow Dance- Guess Who's Back?

    by Rob Ochtera | Mar 02, 2016

    Things are aligning nicely for a combo punch out of the Pacific at the end of this weekend and next week. A slight shift Eastward of the center of El Niño, combined with the alignment of the Madden-Julian Oscillation, will result in the high pressure ridge above us breaking down and ushering in the return of our Atmospheric River over California. Snow levels are expected to start out around 6,00 feet and drop to 5,000 feet on Monday with the potential of several inches to more than a foot of snowfall, according to the National Weather Service.
    So, don't even think about hanging those skis and boards up yet. We're skiing and riding 100% of our terrain going into the weekend and coming out the other side with powder for you. See you on the snow...

  • We're Skiing And Riding 100% Of Our Terrain

    by Rob Ochtera | Feb 23, 2016


    This is the year for you to enjoy some spring skiing and riding. This season Mother Nature and El Niño teamed up to deliver over 80 inches of natural snow, including one storm of 32”.  All of this natural snow, combined with the hard work of our Snowmaking Crew, has made for the best conditions we have seen going into March in ages. We are skiing and riding 100% of our terrain at both Snow Summit and Bear Mountain with base depths of 36-48 inches. The best part? Winter’s not even close to being finished with us yet.

    Forecasters are preparing us for what could be a Miracle March as the El Niño weather pattern once again begins to affect Southern California with the atmospheric river flowing right over us. With the snow we currently have, just a storm or two playing out in this scenario could have us enjoying these conditions well into April if not May.

  • Don't Hang Those Skis And Boards Up Yet...

    by Rob Ochtera | Feb 19, 2016

    It has been fun playing in the sun with such amazing snow conditions, but as we saw this week El Niño has a bit more in store for us. Forecasters are very busy as they interpret the data from the major weather models, and things are starting to point to a very precipitation filled March. 

    The NMME model (North American Multi-Model Ensemble) shown above is forecasting above-average precipitation for New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. This model is an average of seven long-range models.

    There is a lot of winter left and we're skiing and riding 100% of our terrain with base depths of over four feet. Plan on being a part of a Miracle March to remember and schedule plenty of time on the slopes over the next few weeks. Remeber the best deal on lift tickets is to purchase at least 72 hours in advance here.

  • Find A Fresh Set Up And Fresh Terrain

    by Rob Ochtera | Jan 25, 2016

    This has been an incredible season thus far. From early season conditions that allowed us to open with great snow through 32+ inch storms that have made the skiing and riding the best we have seen in years, this will go down as a season to be remembered. We're not just sitting back and riding these great conditions out, we're still making snow to ensure you have the freshest resorts possible every time you arrive. You'll find more park and features, more open cruisers and deeper snow depths than any other Southern California resort when you ski and ride with us. See you on the slopes...
  • Mid-Season Is THE Time For A Midweek Get Away

    by Rob Ochtera | Jan 20, 2016
    SS 1-17-Edit

    Our resorts are wide open and covered in 36-48inches of excellent snow as we pass the midpoint of January. The roads are clear and open and the slopes are groomed and ready. All that is missing is you and your crew. 

    Midweek you will still find 22 Lifts and 56 Trails open but you'll be sharing them with far fewer people. You'll whip through our Rental Shops and find lessons available throughout the day. You'll also be able to enjoy lunch at our new Big Horn Blues BB-Q in our Base Camp. The ride home will be quick and easy, but if all of this will be here again tomorrow, why leave? 

    See you on the hill...
  • This Is THE Weekend- Lifts Open At 8:30am Saturday and Sunday

    by Rob Ochtera | Jan 08, 2016
    1-7-16 SS ROTATOR_-Edit

    It has been a week of amazing snow and we can't wait to share it with you. Our Storm Total ended up over 30" and the conditions are the best we have seen in years. Starting Saturday, we will be shifting our Opening Time at both resorts to 8:30 am on weekends and holidays. This change will be a permanent one.

  • El Niño Is On Our Doorstep

    by Rob Ochtera | Jan 03, 2016
    Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.04.07 AM-Edit

    Here we go folks. If you have been waiting to see the alignment and fruition of the predicted El Niño, you need look no further. This morning the National Weather Service issued a statement warning that by the end of the week the mountains above 6,000 feet could be looking at several feet of snow. 
    So, pull the trigger. Get that pass. Prep the vehicle and gear and get ready for a season to remember starting now...See you in the powder...
  • Enjoy A Day On The Slopes With No Driving

    by Rob Ochtera | Dec 17, 2015
    SS SNOWY 12-11-Edit-2

    What could be better than a day of skiing or riding in the great conditions we have? How about that same day with no driving involved? You can hop on the Rally Bus to Big Bear for a day of skiing and riding at Bear Mountain, Snow Summit or both. With convenient pick up locations all over Southern California from San Diego to Los Angeles, it's easy to reduce your own driving to a bare minimum if any at all. Avoid the traffic, forget parking and enjoy the in-route entertainment and company of your friends. With drop off and pick up at both resorts you can utilize the shuttle to enjoy both resorts and meet your bus at the end of your day. Check out our full routes, pricing and schedule- and yes, there is a restroom on board...
  • Planning Some Holiday Skiing and Riding?

    by Rob Ochtera | Dec 10, 2015
    12_8_15 Summit 6-Edit

    Get a jump on the holidays by making a few arrangements in advance. If you haven't had a chance to pick up your Season Pass avoid the lines sure to be there at the beginning of the vacation period. Our Season Pass Office is open daily from one half an hour before lifts open through a half an hour after lift closing. 

    If you'll be purchasing lift tickets. be sure to purchase in advance online or by calling 844-Go2-BEAR and reserve your spot on the hill. You may even pick your tickets up the day/night before and head straight to the lifts in the morning.

    Reserve your rentals now and pick them up the night before as well to get right on the slopes in the morning. Our Rental Shop will set you up the night before after 6pm. 

    Our Ski School and Private Lessons routinely sell out during the holiday period. Ensure your children's space in Ski School or your own spot in a Private Lesson by booking online or calling 844-Go2-Bear today. 

    The Holidays are a great time to enjoy the mountains with friends and family. A little preparation can mean a lot more quality time on the slopes. See you soon...
  • Get More Mountain

    by Rob Ochtera | Dec 09, 2015
    BM HOMEPAGE-2-Edit

    Get the most for your time and dollar. When you ski and ride at Big Bear Mountain Resorts you are getting more mountain for your lift ticket. Our lift tickets are interchangeable between resorts, and with only 2.5 miles and a free shuttle ride between resorts, you're getting two mountains for the price of one. That means more parks, more open cruisers and more learning terrain than you'll find anywhere in Southern California. When you add it all up your choice is simple- come ski and ride with us.
  • Twice As Nice

    by Rob Ochtera | Dec 04, 2015

    Try out some new terrain today. Did you realize your Snow Summit Lift Ticket is also valid at our sister resort Bear Mountain? Home to the largest Learning Area in Southern California and the #1 Park in the Nation; Bear has something for everyone. Just a few minutes away by car or shuttle, Bear Mountain has the same great snow you've come to depend on at Summit with ever-changing  parks, pipes and features to keep the fun rolling. 
  • Need A Map? Download Our Apps

    by Rob Ochtera | Dec 02, 2015

    Did you know Snow Summit and Bear Mountain have their own apps? In them you'll find all sorts of useful information to help you plan your trip and enjoy your time on the mountain more. Trail Reports, Lift Status, Weather and Events are all at your finger tips. Log in via Facebook with your friends and family and you can track each other on the mountain via the app's Trail Map. Best of all keep track of your total laps, speed and vertical feet that you can reference during the day or review in the comfort of home at the end of your day.
    Download our Bear App here and our Summit App here.
  • Save When You Purchase Lift Tickets In Advance

    by Rob Ochtera | Dec 02, 2015
    lodgingshots (1 of 1)-2

    You can save on Lift Tickets by purchasing your tickets at least 72 hours in advance on our website or by calling 844-Go2-BEAR. If you want to save even more, consider a 2 Day Lift Ticket purchase.You get the same great trails, the same great snow, but for less. Come enjoy...


    Advance Purchase Discount not available during Holiday Periods.
  • Day/Night Lift Ticket

    by Rob Ochtera | Nov 28, 2015

    Looking to get in more than a full day of skiing or riding? We have just the ticket for you- our Day/Night Lift Ticket. Spend the day enjoying your favorite slopes and parks at Bear Mountain or Snow Summit and when everyone else starts packing up for the day head over to Summit for one of our famous Night Sessions.You'll find slopes with a fresh groom and plenty of park features to keep you stoked. You can even take a lesson under the lights if there is a skill you are looking to develop. Hungry? No sweat- the Slopeside Speakeasy has all of your food and beverage needs more than covered. So why stop when the sun goes down? Keep it rolling in #SummitStyle.

    Our complete schedule of Night sessions is here.
  • We've Got Deals For Your Opening Weekend

    by Rob Ochtera | Nov 09, 2015

    Join us for Opening Weekend of the 2015/16 Winter Season. We're off to a great start and you're going to ski and ride more this season. Purchase your Anytime Season Pass this weekend and you'll be getting our El Niño Sale pricing and a $50 resort credit. Not able to make it to the slopes this weekend? Call 844-GO2-BEAR and we'll hook you up with your new pass and that credit. 

    Ticket windows and rental shops open at 8:30am. Lifts open at 9:00am with top to bottom skiing and riding and all skier/rider services available. Ski and Snowboard lessons will be available on Southern California's largest learning terrain and Upper Summit Canyon will be loaded with jibs and park features. We'll see you on the snow...

  • Let's Get This El Niño Party Started

    by Rob Ochtera | Oct 22, 2015
    BM BLOG 3-2-15 PM-3-Edit

    Get ready for a great season. Our resorts are getting ready with a $2M+ capital improvement campaign that will include new dining experiences, off-hill amenities, and infrastructure improvements to one of the world’s most advanced snow-making systems.
    Among the highlights at Snow Summit you will find a new Snow Tube Park, a newly redesigned restaurant where the Summit Haus once stood, a new coffee and smoothie bar in the base area, a new Learning Center designed to simplify guest's experience and improvements to our world famous snow making system. You'll find all this and more when you visit Snow Summit and our sister resort Bear Mountain this season.  

    Buy Season Passes

  • Back To Normal Operation

    by Rob Ochtera | Aug 28, 2015
    We're happy to announce that we are officially open with full operations including the Scenic Sky Chair, bike park, golf and View Haus. Access to off resort cross-country trails has also been returned with the exception of the actual burn area. Please check back for updates or call the resort directly with further questions.

  • Hidden Treasure: Log Chute Hiking Trail

    by User Not Found | Jul 18, 2015


    Big Bear has always been great for hiking.  Even the infamous
    Pacific Crest Trail winds it’s way through our North Shore and while spending an evening around the town of Big Bear spotting some PCT hikers at a local bar or restaurant is not an uncommon site.  But it’s hard to do a 2,650 mile hike that starts in Mexico, travels through Big Bear, and ends in Canada, in just a quick weekend recreational trip.

    With so many great hiking spots in Big Bear and perhaps only a weekend to explore our neck of the woods and get your nature fix, how do you choose a trail that’s going to give you the most?  Growing up in Big Bear and skiing Snow Summit since the age of 3, surprisingly this summer is the first time that I hiked our Log Chute trail.  Great hikes around the valley like Castle Rock, Cougar Crest & Town Trail have always captured my attention, but indeed there’s nothing like the spectacular views of the lake from the vantage point of our very own Log Chute trail. 

    Having hiked Log Chute earlier this week, it only seemed fitting that for my next hike I get up before the sunrise and walk to some of the most scenic areas of my new found hidden treasure to photograph it’s beauty and share with those who are also looking for a new hiking experience. 

    Arriving at 6 am, I was the first intruder into the too often unseen society of nature.  Only the earliest rising birds and the sound of my steps broke the peace and quiet of the hike.  Even though the pitch of the climb is not for novice hikers, I made the hike quickly as I was eager to get to some of my new favorite scenic areas that only days before I’d scouted out with this exact intention.  The little amount of noise on the trail proved to me that even the animals you always encounter were sleeping in just as I was tempted to do when my alarm clock first woke me up.  However, after enjoying the sunrise and capturing the moment to share, I was glad the temptation didn’t win. 

    Here’s a selection of what can be expecting from this fantastic 1.4 mile hike:



    Interested in finding out more about hiking or even getting a Hiking Pass to our resort? 

    Find Out More

  • Muscle Beach Best Line Champions

    by Rob Ochtera | Jul 12, 2015

    The Summit series #2- our Best Line On Muscle Beach Contest - went down on prime dirt with a field of qualified competitors. During the Open Format hour of competition Judges Kirk Kaufmann, Aaron Hodgkin and Alan Kinum saw some heavy lines laid down, but as with any competition there can only be one set of winners on the podium. 

    For the Men:
    1st Place went to Dylan Stark
    2nd Place- Nick Cilani
    3rd Place- Jim Rollins

    For the Ladies:
    1st Place went to Stephanie Wolf
    2nd Place- Brandy Wirtz
    3rd Place- Leslie Slagle

    In our 13 & under division:
    1st Place went to Mason "Meatball" Duncan
    2nd Place- Merrick Otto
    3rd Place- Tyler Ervin

    See all of the Photo Zone coverage before, during and after the event here.

    Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of those who came out to compete and spectate. Fun was had by all and Summit/MammothBike Park Season Passes, GoPros, Fox Head Helmets, FuGoo Speakers and many, many more prizes were won. Don't miss Summit Series #3- The Best Trick Contest On The ZZYZX Step Up August 8th to get in on your share of the winnings!

  • Summit Series- Contests In The Park

    by Rob Ochtera | Jun 27, 2015


    A five event contest series, unique to the Summit Bike Park and our Trail Crew’s creations, the Summit Series started out with a Whip Off Contest on Hot Donna during our Summer Kickoff Party June 20th and then on July 11th we hosted the Best Line in Muscle Beach. The series continues with the Best Trick on the ZZYZX Step Up on August 8th. Next we'll have our Pump Track Challenge on Sept. 12th, then wrapping up October 10th with another Whip Off.

    The Summit Series will feature day of, on site registration with a $10 entry fee for each event. The Series is open to the public but you must have a valid Lift Ticket or Pass for each event. Each event will offer prizes from season passes to sponsor products and will also have dj’s on site. The Summit Bike Park is back as your racing and contest headquarters…

  • Guided Eco-Tours

    by Rob Ochtera | Jun 24, 2015

    Get the most out of your visit to our resort, nestled in the San Bernardino National Forest, by taking a Guided Eco Tour. We have partnered with the Big Bear Discovery Center to offer guests the opportunity to spend time with a Southern California Mountains Foundation Naturalist on this 3-mile guided hike. Hikes depart from the base of Snow Summit and include a Scenic Sky Chair Ride and lunch at the View Haus on our summit where you can dine while taking in the view. At the top, your guide will lead you along the mountain top loop trail taking in the cool mountain air through the expansive pine tree forest. Learn about the unique plants and animals that make this forest habitat one of a kind. Join us for a day of hiking and exploring you will never forget!


  • Summit Series Event #1 Results

    by Rob Ochtera | Jun 21, 2015

    Our first event in the Summit Series- a Whip Off Contest on Hot Donna- was judged by Kyle Strait. Kyle brought in Tyler McCaul to help narrow things down and here are our results:

    1st Place- Michael Baker

    2nd Place- Frankie Culnno

    3rd Place- Matt Walll

    1st Place Ladies- Brandy Wirtz

    Little Whipper- Tyler Ervin

    Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all who came out! See you for our next event July 11th- a Best Line Contest on Muscle Beach...
  • Golf At Altitude

    by Rob Ochtera | Jun 10, 2015


    Ready to get out of the heat, enjoy a round of golf and hit the longest drive of the season? If so, it’s time to head to the Bear Mountain Golf Course. 9 holes nestled at the base of Bear Mountain; the Bear Mountain Golf Course offers a relaxed, cool and quick alternative.

     It’s a fact- the ball flies further at higher altitudes. The air is less dense, so there is less friction to slow the ball’s forward motion. Golf Digest recommends the 10% rule; subtract 10 percent to account for high altitude. So swing away and see how much of an improvement our air adds to your distance.

     The course is open seven days a week with tee times starting at 8 am and sending the last players out at 5:30. The Clubhouse grill is a great place for a before or after lunch, or even lunch without a round. Please call our Pro Shop to reserve your tee times today, (909) 585-8002.


  • Start Packing That Pump Track Bike

    by Rob Ochtera | Jun 10, 2015


     Our new Worm’s World Pump Track, is a fun, new place to ride, watch and hang out in Base Camp. With hand-built rollers and berms that flow together, the track is exciting for riders of all ability levels.  After a lap or two, and a couple more watching other riders, you’ll be putting together smooth, fast runs of your own.

    Open ½ hour before lifts and  two hours after, for those with a valid ticket or pass and a helmet, the track is a great place to warm up and cool off from your day.  Track enthusiasts may spend the entire day there with all of the comforts of Base Camp a few steps away.  For Track Only Riders we are offering a Track Only Season Pass for $19. Worm’s World is spectator friendly and within eyeshot of the Summit Inn BB-Q where you will find a full selection of food and beverages until 5:30 pm. 

    Buy Track Season Passes

  • Racing And Contests Return

    by Rob Ochtera | Jun 08, 2015


    Updated: June 14
    The Kenda Cup Series Finals hosted by Team Big Bear was in town June 13th and the first stage of the Enduro was held on Miracle Mile marking the official return of racing to the trails of Snow Summit. Congratulations go out to all of the racers who participated and to the Pro/Elite Men’s Winner Big Bear’s own Craig Harvey and the Pro/Elite Women’s Winner Rachel Throop who started her career here back in ’99. Complete race results may be viewed here. We are excited to see the return of racing and look forward to announcing more events in the near future. Right now we are stoked to fill you in on our Summit Series.

     A five event contest series, unique to the Summit Bike Park and our Trail Crew’s creations, the Summit Series will fire up with a Whip Off Contest on Hot Donna during our Summer Kickoff Party June 20th.  The series continues July 11th with a Best Line Contest at Muscle Beach, July 25th with the Pump Track Challenge, then Aug. 1st with our Best Trick on the ZZYZZ Step Up, and wrapping up Aug. 22nd with another Whip Off, this time on 650b.

     The Summit Series will feature day of, on site registration with a $10 entry fee for each event. The Series is open to the public but you must have a valid Lift Ticket or Pass for each event. Each event will offer prizes from season passes to sponsor products and will also have dj’s on site. The Summit Bike Park is back as your racing and contest headquarters…

  • A Walk In The Woods... And Then Some

    by Rob Ochtera | May 28, 2015

    SS HIKE-7-Edit

    Hiking is fun for just about everyone. From a gentle walk through the woods to a thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, Big Bear Lake is Southern California’s premier hiking destination and Snow Summit is it’s gateway.

    Hiking through the San Bernardino National Forest  is an amazing experience. Hikers find themselves among old growth forests, in high alpine vistas and amidst some of the most breathtaking views in all of Southern California. Photo opportunities abound as well as many chances to observe local wildlife in the comfort of their native environment. Within a few minutes by chairlift, you will be amazed how removed from civilization you will feel when embarking on one of the many trails from our Summit Trailhead.

    Snow Summit is the starting point for countless hiking adventures. In the past things always started with a hike to the summit to access the many trails and connecters that link up with our ridgeline. These days most choose to utilize our Scenic Sky Chair and following a comfortable ride with a great view, hikers end up on our summit with many hiking options literally at their feet.

    For some, lunch at the View Haus and a stroll to take in the view of the San Gorgonio Mountain Wilderness Area will fill the time before hopping back on the Scenic Sky chair for a ride down to the base area. Others may grab a bite, have some fun on the summit and then elect for our 1 mile Mountain Top Loop Trail; our easiest trail with minimal elevation changes and maximum viewing opportunities. You may find the short, enjoyable hike a little too short. The next step up would be, extend your hike to the three mile loop which encompasses elements of Trail 2N10 and the Skyline Trail. You’ll find it longer, but about the same ability level as the shorter loop.

    For those looking for a little more exertion the Log Chute Trail  offers 1,200’ in elevation gain over a 1.4 mile trail winding in and out of sections of forest and across meadows with the best views of the lake from any vantage point on the mountain.  Log Chute Trail hikes very well in both directions and can be picked up in the base area or from the Summit Trail Head. It is a great leisurely hike or you can push yourself for a work out.

    There are countless trails of all lengths and ability levels throughout the San Bernardino National Forest you can access via our trail system. A natural follow up to our Log Chute Trail would be to tackle the Skyline Trail out to Grandview- a  5.5 mile trek each way with multiple elevation changes and slight exposures. The view from the aptly named Grandview is reward for the effort.

    Hiking in and around our resort is a great way to explore the San Bernardino national Forest. Our Scenic Sky Chair sweeps you quickly to the trailhead with a beautiful view on the way. Many return time and time again to hike their favorite loops and knock new ones off their lists. We now offer a Scenic Sky Chair Hiking Pass so you can have unlimited access to the Sky Chair and our trail system. 

    From lunch with views to hiking above treeline, Snow Summit has a fun day in store for all- in fact it has many fun days for years to come offering vast opportunities to enjoy a natural treasure, the Big Bear Valley and the San Bernardino National Forest.

    Buy Scenic Sky Chair Hiking Passes

  • Photo Zone Open

    by Rob Ochtera | May 27, 2015
    Photo Zone

     As you were shredding down the hill you thought you caught a flash and a little movement out of the corner of your eye when you threw that whip over the big air. Most likely it was our Photo Zone professional photographer catching you in action. When the day is wrapped, take a moment to surf through our Photo Zone pages and check out the shots we got of you and your posse. If you like, you can purchase and download high resolution copies of your shots directly from the site. 

    See our Photo Zone

    The Photo Zone operates every Saturday and Sunday throughout the season. Additional days may be added during the week and will be announced through our social media platforms. To get updates on where and when to find the Photo Zone be sure to follow us on:




  • It's Not All "Downhill" from Here

    by User Not Found | May 26, 2015

     When you think of Snow Summit during the summer what thoughts come to mind? If you're like most people, the images that pop into your head are of top notch riders ripping through wide berms and over huge kickers, pavers and rock gardens, but that's not exactly the most accurate for the big picture.

    Big Bear has always been a great place for all kinds of riding and lately people are really starting to catch on.  Biking in Big Bear means everything from a mellow ride on the North Shore Pedal Path to the aggressive Downhill Mountain Bike Park that we're famous for... and then there's everything in-between.  So, as an "in-betweener" what does that exactly mean for you?  Well if you're anything like me, if you find your tires pointing straight down the mountain, you'll be likely to keep squeezing your right hand-brake in a constant effort to make sure that you don't put your helmet to good use.  However, the key to getting better at mountain biking is to understand your ability level, find the right path for you and just go for it.  Don't go crazy if you're not ready yet, but get out and try it.

    So let's say you're ready to get your tires in some dirt.  You don't want to be on the Pedal Path with a four year old zigzagging in front of you on their training wheels, but you also don't want to break yourself.  Two words: Skyline Trail.  You have about 26 miles of great single track to choose from on this trail alone.  It's paired with spectacular views and as this trail weaves parallel to the 2N10 fire road so you have several places to duck out if you find it's getting too aggressive or you just need a break.

    While we all wish that we were in such great shape that we could just pedal up every mountain we see, let's be realistic.  If the goal is just to get to Skyline, you'll be starting out at 7,000 feet and you'll have to clime an additional 1,200 feet just to meet the trail head on the ridge line.  This is why as an "in-betweener" you need a best friend... and your best friend is the Scenic Sky Chair.  Just chill out while keeping an eye on your bike on the chair in front of you and get ready for your ride at the top of the mountain. Believe me, riding across the ridge is a workout enough and will help you tone the skills you eventually hope to have once your ready to enter the Downhill Bike Park.  And as a help for those hoping to graduate to an aggressive downhill ride, Skyline has it's own little features that Mother Nature has been kind enough to place there.  Launch small rocks, roll over fallen logs and create your own mini line that suits you... and what's great is that you can do it all on your own terms.  If you don't want to hit anything, you simply do not have to.

    It's not all downhill at Snow Summit.  It's also across the hill, up the hill, over the hill and pretty much any other direction that you can think to ride.  Get out there and have a great summer.
  • Snow Summit and Mammoth Announce Dual Bike Park Pass

    by James Sullivan | Apr 20, 2015


    Snow Summit and Mammoth Mountain will be offering guests and fans a dual-mountain bike park pass for the first time. Enjoy the slopes of both Mammoth and Snow Summit this summer with a one-time purchase. 

    Check out our Bike Park page for more info. 

  • Thanks for a great season

    by James Sullivan | Apr 06, 2015


    Snow Summit is now closed for the 2014-2105 winter season. Be sure to check our Summer section for all the latest and greatest activities this summer. 

  • Cali4nia Pass Now On Sale

    by James Sullivan | Mar 23, 2015


    Welcome to the Cali4nia Pass. One pass unlocks unlimited access to nearly 6,000 acres of the best snow in California featuring 240 runs, 61 lifts and 8,319 vertical feet across 4 mountains: Mammoth, Bear Mountain, June Mountain and Snow Summit. Add it up to get the most fun you can have in one season.