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A Walk In The Woods... And Then Some

by Rob Ochtera | May 28, 2015

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Hiking is fun for just about everyone. From a gentle walk through the woods to a thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, Big Bear Lake is Southern California’s premier hiking destination and Snow Summit is it’s gateway.

Hiking through the San Bernardino National Forest  is an amazing experience. Hikers find themselves among old growth forests, in high alpine vistas and amidst some of the most breathtaking views in all of Southern California. Photo opportunities abound as well as many chances to observe local wildlife in the comfort of their native environment. Within a few minutes by chairlift, you will be amazed how removed from civilization you will feel when embarking on one of the many trails from our Summit Trailhead.

Snow Summit is the starting point for countless hiking adventures. In the past things always started with a hike to the summit to access the many trails and connecters that link up with our ridgeline. These days most choose to utilize our Scenic Sky Chair and following a comfortable ride with a great view, hikers end up on our summit with many hiking options literally at their feet.

For some, lunch at the View Haus and a stroll to take in the view of the San Gorgonio Mountain Wilderness Area will fill the time before hopping back on the Scenic Sky chair for a ride down to the base area. Others may grab a bite, have some fun on the summit and then elect for our 1 mile Mountain Top Loop Trail; our easiest trail with minimal elevation changes and maximum viewing opportunities. You may find the short, enjoyable hike a little too short. The next step up would be, extend your hike to the three mile loop which encompasses elements of Trail 2N10 and the Skyline Trail. You’ll find it longer, but about the same ability level as the shorter loop.

For those looking for a little more exertion the Log Chute Trail  offers 1,200’ in elevation gain over a 1.4 mile trail winding in and out of sections of forest and across meadows with the best views of the lake from any vantage point on the mountain.  Log Chute Trail hikes very well in both directions and can be picked up in the base area or from the Summit Trail Head. It is a great leisurely hike or you can push yourself for a work out.

There are countless trails of all lengths and ability levels throughout the San Bernardino National Forest you can access via our trail system. A natural follow up to our Log Chute Trail would be to tackle the Skyline Trail out to Grandview- a  5.5 mile trek each way with multiple elevation changes and slight exposures. The view from the aptly named Grandview is reward for the effort.

Hiking in and around our resort is a great way to explore the San Bernardino national Forest. Our Scenic Sky Chair sweeps you quickly to the trailhead with a beautiful view on the way. Many return time and time again to hike their favorite loops and knock new ones off their lists. We now offer a Scenic Sky Chair Hiking Pass so you can have unlimited access to the Sky Chair and our trail system. 

From lunch with views to hiking above treeline, Snow Summit has a fun day in store for all- in fact it has many fun days for years to come offering vast opportunities to enjoy a natural treasure, the Big Bear Valley and the San Bernardino National Forest.

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