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Hidden Treasure: Log Chute Hiking Trail

by User Not Found | Jul 18, 2015


Big Bear has always been great for hiking.  Even the infamous
Pacific Crest Trail winds it’s way through our North Shore and while spending an evening around the town of Big Bear spotting some PCT hikers at a local bar or restaurant is not an uncommon site.  But it’s hard to do a 2,650 mile hike that starts in Mexico, travels through Big Bear, and ends in Canada, in just a quick weekend recreational trip.

With so many great hiking spots in Big Bear and perhaps only a weekend to explore our neck of the woods and get your nature fix, how do you choose a trail that’s going to give you the most?  Growing up in Big Bear and skiing Snow Summit since the age of 3, surprisingly this summer is the first time that I hiked our Log Chute trail.  Great hikes around the valley like Castle Rock, Cougar Crest & Town Trail have always captured my attention, but indeed there’s nothing like the spectacular views of the lake from the vantage point of our very own Log Chute trail. 

Having hiked Log Chute earlier this week, it only seemed fitting that for my next hike I get up before the sunrise and walk to some of the most scenic areas of my new found hidden treasure to photograph it’s beauty and share with those who are also looking for a new hiking experience. 

Arriving at 6 am, I was the first intruder into the too often unseen society of nature.  Only the earliest rising birds and the sound of my steps broke the peace and quiet of the hike.  Even though the pitch of the climb is not for novice hikers, I made the hike quickly as I was eager to get to some of my new favorite scenic areas that only days before I’d scouted out with this exact intention.  The little amount of noise on the trail proved to me that even the animals you always encounter were sleeping in just as I was tempted to do when my alarm clock first woke me up.  However, after enjoying the sunrise and capturing the moment to share, I was glad the temptation didn’t win. 

Here’s a selection of what can be expecting from this fantastic 1.4 mile hike:



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