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Gravity Feed June 23, 2016

by Rob Ochtera | Jun 23, 2016


Welcome to the 2016 Summit Bike Park Season. We are off to a fantastic start with a great opener, a solid couple of race weekends and some exciting new things to talk about. 

After a great winter season, the park has opened in the best riding condition we have seen in the park’s recent history. Thanks to the park being put to bed properly last fall, the opening process this season went much more quickly. This allowed our Trail Crew time to go back and revisit every berm and jump in the park.  You’ll find Miracle Mile in prime downhill condition and the lines on Party Wave and Westridge ready for rolling.

We are also excited to announce construction is well underway on Going Green, our beginner trail from our Mountain Top Trailhead to Basecamp. Crews started at each end and have met finishing off the major trail construction. Crews are now focused on installing pavers on three lower turns on the trail, the entryway to the trail from Lift 2 and finish work. The trail will be open for riding the Fourth of July weekend. Riders will find it a gradually pitched, gravity fed trail with some skill builder elements scattered throughout. The finished trail will be over four miles long from the top of the Chair back to the bottom winding through the forest, the fire zone from last summer and back into our Basecamp..

While those crews are powering through the new terrain, we have another crew working alongside the NFS on our Adopt-A-Trails. Fall Line has long been a favorite with Big Bear riders. Maintenance and reconstruction work on sections on the upper part of the trail finished up this week. Upper Fall Line is now open for riding and the crew has moved onto Lower Fall Line, which is closed during construction. While closed, riders will be routed east on 2N10F to 2N10 or Lower Skyline to return to the Park.  Other favorite trails that have been maintained and added to the trail map include The Skyline Trail and Pirates.


Lastly, we have a crew focusing on some changes in the Park.  One of the sections in the Park riders will find freshened up  this week is Muscle Beach on Party Wave. All four jumps have been rebuilt making the overall section a bit longer. Like many of the features in our Park, this is an evolving work. We will continue to adjust, test, observe and readjust until we feel a section is dialed in. 

There’s a lot more to talk about, so be sure to check in each week as we roll into summer. In the meantime, be sure to make plans to spend July 9th with us at Crafts & Cranks – our 2nd annual race/brewfest/concert all wrapped into one. We’ll see you on the dirt …