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Gravity Feed- June 30th Update

by Rob Ochtera | Jun 30, 2016

This week’s Gravity Feed is primarily about you riding new trails. We’re very pleased to be opening Going Green. Grab your bike and come ride this top to bottom beginner trail starting at 8,200' and finishing back in our Basecamp.Then drop into one of or new Adopt-A-Trails this weekend as we present a revamped Fall Line.

Riders will find a new route from the top of both Chair 1 and Chair 2 to the trailhead shared by Party Wave and Going Green. Going Green then breaks off to the west and offers riders over 4 miles of gentle terrain all the way back to the Lifts in Basecamp. On the way down riders will encounter a handful of skill builder features to help prepare them for riding in the rest of the Park.

This weekend will also be the first week of riding on the new and improved Fall Line from top to bottom. Fall Line has long been a favorite among Big Bear riders and is one of the trails that is part of our Adopt-A-Trail program with the National Forest Service. We sent a Crew out to work alongside the NFS Crew and have rerouted and resurfaced a large part of the trail giving it a much-needed facelift. Fall Line is rated as an Intermediate trail.

If you were looking for a progression of trails to ride we would recommend starting with Going Green. From there a natural step up would be to ride the Skyline Trail East. Following Skyline we would steer you toward Pirate’s to Fall Line.

Lastly, don’t forget our Above The Boom celebration on July 4th.  We’ll be dining, listening to the live music of 60 Grit, playing games, toasting and watching the fireworks- all from 8,200 feet at the top of Snow Summit. Get your tickets today- we are rapidly approaching a sell out.

As we look forward, we are currently in a scoping period awaiting permits to be issued to rebuild our Skill Builder Par, Pump Track and Pro-Line as well as extend Turtle trail to our Mt. Top Trailhead.  We hope this construction can begin very soon, until then we will be hosting the 2nd Annual Crafts & Cranks Saturday, July 9th. It will be a day filled with racing, beer tasting and live music. Get details and tickets to attend or register for the race today. We’ll see you on the dirt…