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Gravity Feed- June 21st Update

by Rob Ochtera | Jul 20, 2016


This week we have the return of a favorite from last season and something new altogether.  This week construction began on the rebuild of the Beginner Line in the Skill Builder Park as well as on the new extension of Turtle Trail from the summit to the existing trailhead.

Our Crew has returned to our Skill Builder area below Small Wonder that is serviced by Chair 4. Construction is underway on a freshly redesigned Beginner Line that will feature some old favorite elements as well as two new 60-foot, wooden features. The first will be a double roller box that will introduce riders to riding a feature while also adding a bit of up and down to the mix. The second new feature will be a 60- foot Zig-Zag Box. This feature is three sections: riders enter the first leg straight on and then make a right turn at about 15 degrees onto the second section and then a left onto the third as they exit. This will also introduce riders to rolling through our Park's features while at the same time building braking and balancing skills.  A little time spent on Chair 4, Small Wonder and the Beginner Line will prepare riders for the ride on Chair 1 and their first lap on Going Green.


Work is also well underway on another great addition to our Park: the extension of Turtle Trail.  Turtle Trail, and it’s smooth, wide rolling surface and seamless banked turns, have long been a favorite among our riders. However, to access this amazing Intermediate terrain riders must ride expert trails. The extension of the existing trail up to our Mountain Top Trailhead will offer riders a full top-to-bottom flow trail designed for intermediate level riders.  The goal of the Crew is to replicate the style and feel of the existing trail on the upper terrain and open the trail up for riding in mid-August. As a rider’s confidence builds and their skills develop on Going Green, the new Turtle Trail will be a natural progression in the Park.

As always, the Crew has been dedicated to maintaining the core Park trails and you’ll find your favorite trails with nice packed out berms and smooth transitions. Summer is flying by, so make some time to come ride. Got a buddy who doesn’t ride? Plant the idea now- August is Learn To Bike Month and a great time to  introduce a friend to a new sport. Until then, we’ll see you on the dirt…