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Gravity Feed- June 28th Update

by Rob Ochtera | Jul 27, 2016
Photo of bike trail with Gravity Feed Logo "Your weekly hub for everything downhill"

This week we open the new beginner skill builder line below Chair 4 and get an update on how Upper Turtle Trail construction is coming along.

Going Green is a great addition to our Park and getting a lot of people on the trails and enjoying the forest. Bring that friend or loved one who you have always wanted to share riding with to the Park and help them discover a new passion. Before heading to the Mt. Top trailhead- take a roll through Small Wonder and our new beginner skill builder line.

As you get off Chair 4 head into the woods for the top portion of Small Wonder. A few turns into Small Wonder you will see a sign pointing out the entrance of the beginner line.  The first section you will ride through has four rollers to get you the feel of a little up and down motion. Exiting the rollers, riders enter the first banked turn of the trail; a gentle berm with an easy exit. Riders will then roll onto our first wooden feature of two, the Camel Back.  Similar to the earlier rollers, this section is made of wood and introduces riders to rolling over man made features. The Camel Back is the only section that will not be in place for this weekend. It will be installed early next week.

Rolling off the Camel Back, riders will enter a second berm. This berm is still very gentle and just a bit longer than the first. Next up you’ll roll into a short strait away with a scaled down version of our Diving Board from Party Wave, this one with a 3 inch drop onto a down ramp.

Gravity Feed Glamour

At this point you’ll be feeling pretty good and ready to roll into our third berm. The third berm is a little steeper and snappier than the first two, but no too much. Exiting the berm you’ll find yourself on a short straight away where you’ll be lining up for our first little jump, a 5 foot table, you can grab a little air on or just roll over. After a quick bit of weightlessness, you’ll ride into the last berm.  Coming out of this snappier berm you will ride onto the new Zig-Zag wooden feature. You’ll ride onto the first section of the Zig-Zag head on and then bank left at about 15 degrees and then back right for the exit, each section about 20 feet long. Then it’s time to hop on Chair 4 and do it again or head over to Chair 1 and Going Green.

While a team has been finishing off the beginner line, the rest of the Crew is hard at work building Upper Turtle Trail. They are several turns into what, when finished, will be a top-to-bottom flow trail with 45 total berms. Completion is slated for sometime in the middle of this month, leaving plenty of time to ride the trail in before the end of the season.

It looks like we may have a chance at some showers each day for the next several days, so get ready to head for the dirt. We’ll see you there…