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Gravity Feed- August 4th Update

by Rob Ochtera | Aug 04, 2016
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We have had some much-needed rain in the last week, giving us some great riding conditions. It has been a week of Southern California monsoonal flow with clouds popping up by mid day each day and giving us a shower in the afternoon. It looks like this pattern will continue through Friday giving us a prime weekend of riding under the sun.

The final wooden feature for our Beginner Line in the skill builder park has been installed. It’s a wooden double rainbow roller and we spoke with the trail designer, Ryan, about how to use Small Wonder and the Beginner Line to prepare for Going Green and Lift 1.

Ryan’s first suggestion is that once comfortable on your bike and properly equipped, new riders should head over to Lift 4 and begin their adventure by riding Small Wonder in it’s entirety. Small Wonder is going to gently expose riders to many of the features they will find in the rest of the Park. You’ll ride berms and pavers, rock gardens and some small rollers to help you acquaint yourself with trail riding. Spend a couple of laps here and get comfortable. Once ready, it’s time to hit the skill builder line.

To get to the top of the skill builder line, riders will ride the top half of Small Wonder and split at the signs pointing out the skill builder trail. The first feature on the line is a set of dirt rollers- ride right through these rollers and into the first gentle bermed turn.  Exiting the turn ride onto the first wooden feature, a double rainbow camel back. This is a very wide element and it is ok to put your foot down for a moment if you need to. Ryan’s advice is to stay centered and go. Just ride onto and over the rollers without hesitation. A large part of mountain biking is commitment. Commit to the feature and have fun- it’s really only scary the first time.

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Once through the camel back you’ll be feeling like a pro and ready for the rest of the line. For a full breakdown of the bottom half, please see last week’s Gravity Feed. Summer is flying by- make some time for a new sport. Take two MTB lessons during August and earn a MTB Season Pass for Snow Summit and Mammoth for the remainder of the season. Details may be found here.

For your weekly Turtle Trail update, we are pleased to let you know we have officially moved onto Summit Run off of Ego Trip. This puts us right on schedule to be riding this trail by mid-month. Get ready and we’ll see you on the dirt…