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Gravity Feed- August 11th Update

by Rob Ochtera | Aug 10, 2016

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Our Trail Crew is very pleased to announce the opening of the new Turtle Trail extension this weekend.  With this extension, Turtle Trail now offers riders an intermediate flow trail from our Mt. Top Trailhead to our Basecamp. The trail will be open for riding this weekend.

As of Tuesday all of the berms were built; they had been machined out and were ready for handwork. That’s how the boys will finish out this week- hand packing 45 berms total as they hit both the old and new sections. Along with a roller here and there, riders can expect the top of Turtle to resemble the lower section in almost every way. Packed with ripping berms and sections, you’ll find no jumps here. This trail is all about flow. Here- smooth is fast.

This along with some maintenance in the Park will keep our Trail Crew busy prepping for your weekend of riding. As they look forward toward fall, they have a laundry list of concerns and needs for the Park as it now exists as well as a wish/want list of smaller projects they would like to tackle midweek when we go to weekend riding after Labor Day. These guys never slow down…

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Just a reminder, this month is Learn To Mountain Bike Month at Summit. Bring that friend or family member you have always wanted to share biking with and sign them up for our Intro To Trail Riding lesson. Upon completion they will not only have some new skills, but they will also be halfway toward earning a Bike Park Season Pass to both Summit and Mammoth for the remainder of the season. Once they complete a second lesson of their choosing, they will be issued their pass and can join you for the rest of the season. So, grab a friend and we’ll see you both on the dirt…