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Gravity Feed: August 25th Update

by Rob Ochtera | Aug 24, 2016

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Park maintenance continued this week and you’ll find a fresh Park for your weekend riding. Additionally the crew has been preparing for this Saturday’s Summit Series #2- a Big Air Contest on the Zyzzyx Step-Up Jump. Looking for a bike? We’re having a huge sale on our Trek fleet.

This has been another week of taking advantage of the mornings and getting some machines out on the trails prior to opening and banging out some major maintenance. You’ll find repacked berms, smoothed out rollers and the groove in prime shape for your weekend riding.

The other project our Trail crew has been focusing on this week is the prep work for our Big Air Contest on Saturday, the second in our Summit Series. You’ve seen the motocross version of this event that greats like Red Bull’s Ronnie Renner have mastered; we’re doing it on mountain bikes. In addition to reworking the jump our Crew has constructed a set of standards to hold the bar for this high jump of sorts. Like all of our Summit Series events we’ll be awarding a Youth, Men and Women’s champions. Slightly different than most events, we will be running all of the youth division, then all of the women followed by the men. Competitors will get two tries to clear the bar at each height. Those who do not clear the bar will be eliminated. The last one standing, or in this case jumping, is our champion. This is sure to be a fun event, so register day of in Basecamp and be ready to sky at 1pm on the Party Wave Step-Up where the trail crosses Zyzzyx ski trail. Even if you don’t enter, be sure to swing by and check out the fun.

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Looking for a mountain bike? Our Rental Shop is selling off a portion of our extensive Trek rental fleet. You can stop in our shop and pick out the perfect bike for you at a great price, put down a deposit and pick it up after Labor Day. Most models come with a Summit Bike Park Pass good for the remainder of the season. So come get a bike and ride- we’ll see you on the dirt…