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The Snow Summit Race Team is one of California’s top racing teams. This invitational only program invites children to practice and race at Snow Summit and at other races outside the Big Bear area. The Full-Time Race Program provides the 8-12 year old racer (J4-J5) five days of training and the 13-19 year old racer (J1-J3) six days of training with professional US Ski Association certified coaches.

Mission: Promoting the competitive spirit, healthy outdoor activity, teamwork, team spirit and pride of accomplishment- not only in the racers themselves, but in their parents and the entire community.

History: Local parents combined with support from Snow Summit Mountain Resort formed the Big Bear Ski Club around 1963. By the 1960’s skiing had been solidly established in Big Bear with the help and installation of a snowmaking system, which made snow conditions much more reliable and conducive to a stable junior ski race program. In 1966, many of the Big Bear Ski Clubs founding parents raised money and volunteered labor to construct a club house building now known as the Tyndall Haus, in honor of Tommi Tyndall, the founder of Snow Summit.

Who We Are: The Big Bear Ski Educational Foundation (BBSEF) is a non-profit organization that oversees and administers the race teams and their programs. The Board of Directors of BBSEF contracts with Snow Summit Corporation to provide the coaching program. Racers are placed in an appropriate program designed to strengthen the skills they need as determined by the USSA/Far West race calendar.

Where we Ski: During the season, racers will practice at Snow Summit mostly and Bear Mountain occasionally along with other resorts, if they choose to do so. Races are held primarily in Southern California for the 8-12 year olds and across California and Nevada for the 13-19 year olds. Racers who excel have the opportunity to qualify for regional and national events.

When: The season runs from approximately mid-November to mid-April.

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D-TEAM (aka Development Team)

The D-Team program teaches basic techniques of skiing to children from 7 to 16 years of age, who are low intermediate through advanced skill levels and who are not ready for racing because of their skills, maturity or interest.

Mission: The D-team is committed to small group learning where participants are organized by skill level and introduced to ski racing gradually by teaching racing techniques and format as the skiers become ready. D-Team members may move up to the Race Team by satisfactorily passing the BASE (Basic Alpine Skill Evaluation) test, though moving up is not mandatory. The D-Team serves both children who wish to become better recreational skiers and those desiring to race. A successful participant in the D-Team will have a positive relationship to Alpine Skiing, even if the athlete does not go on to racing, they will be able to ski with confidence in all conditions and in any terrain.

Who We Are: Skiers on the D-Team are considered novices and are not required to join Far West Skiing Association or USSA. The philosophy behind D-Team is not to push skiers into racing, but to give them the skills to compete competitively once they are ready to race.

Where we Ski: During the season, racers will practice at Snow Summit mostly and Bear Mountain occasionally.
When: The season runs from approximately early December to late March.

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The Masters Program is for adults 19 years and older who have a desire to improve their skiing skills both in and out of the race course.  The group trains several days a week, mostly at Snow Summit, and holds races throughout the winter season.  The training program is open to daily drop-ins as well as those wishing to sign up for the full time program.

Mission: The vision of the Masters Program is to provide adult skiers with a lifelong opportunity to enjoy the challenges and rewards of Alpine Ski Racing. The mission of the Masters Program is to make the vision a reality by developing, promoting, organizing and coordinating the highest level of Alpine Ski Racing and to fulfill our passion for and our love of nature, the outdoors, mountains, freedom, self-challenge and accomplishment.

Who We Are: The (Big Bear/Snow Summit) Masters Program is a group of outgoing, energetic men and women of varying ages who enjoy an active lifestyle, including alpine ski racing.

Where we Ski: During the season, races will be held at Snow Summit mostly and Bear Mountain occasionally.
When: The season runs from approximately mid-November to mid-April.

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